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New trend in roofing material, Stone coated steel roof tile in Sri Lanka


KD One has launched DIVINE, stone coated steel roof tile in Sri Lanka market.



Stone coated steel roof tile is one of the most practical and aesthetic roofing material that provides everlasting beauty, cuts-down heat, wind resistance (guarantees 120 mph wind resistance), moss & fungal resistance, easily washable & available in a range of colors to meet the environment and the taste of Architects. It is formed from galvalume steel with several protective coating layers and colored stone granules that serve to improve its physical and mechanical properties.


Glavalume has excellent long term corrosion resistance because it has the corrosive protection feature of aluminum and the sacrificial protection feature of zinc. Colored stone granules are resistant to UV radiation and retains its color throughout its life with the special glaze layer that prevents from shedding and contamination.



Stone coated steel roof tiles have established a reputation as premium-class roofing material. It has the ability to withstand severe weather conditions, such as hail, heavy rain and storm. It only weighs 1/4~1/6 of a concrete tile roof or a clay roof tile, which means it is less likely to collapse in case of earthquake or fire. Also, stone coated steel roof tiles are environmental friendly building materials as it requires little to no lifetime maintenance and is recyclable.



The outstanding quality of stone coated steel roof tile has been proven all round the world through New Zealand, Ru


ssia, South Korea, USA, Japan and  more.


Now, DIVINE, a brand name of stone coated steel roof tile, is launched in Sri Lanka by KD One of Korea with their local partner Ceynergy Dynamic Holdings. DIVINE has all the advantages as stone coated steel roof tile since it provides a reliable barrier against heat, harsh weather, relative humidity, and protection against fire. It needs less support structure for the building as lightweight roof and is fit for roofing of houses, hotels, high rise buildings, apartments, Industrial & commercial buildings, warehouses, schools, hospitals etc, specially where charming and attractive appearances are required.


Since 1981 KD One of Korea has been engaged in research & development of construction materials, environmental materials, industrial materials and high performance materials and the design team and experts of KD One had developed DIVINE range with varied colors to suite your palette.


In Sri Lanka, Ceynergy Dynamic Holdings (Pvt) Ltd., a member of ‘IMS Holdings’ is the representative distributor of stone coated steel roof tiles -DIVINE.

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